For the realization of their projects, Opificio della Rosa uses two laboratories: the ‘historic’ one, active from 2009, is located in the beautiful setting of the medieval Castle of Montefiore Conca. It is mainly used for special projects with universities, the summer workshops and part of artist in residence programs. The second one, set up in 2015 in Morciano di Romagna, is dedicated to typography and projects related to letterpress; it is specialized the creation of artist’s books.
In both laboratories we are working with a special attention to non-toxic and environmentally friendly techniques.

Studio of Montefiore Conca

The studio has been set up to work at the same time with intaglio and relief techniques. Special care is given in the design of the working spaces and the lighting has been designed to work in the best of ways also with the burin on copper technique.
More than 150 sets of typefaces in wood, and several collections in lead, are used in workshops and artists in residence.


  • Etching press Gerstaecker Druckpresse 72 x 135
  • Equipment for intaglio
  • Cylinder press Surgo 1962 with flywheel (70×100 printable area)
  • Cylinder press Saroglia 1968 (40×50 printable area)
  • Hand-press FTP 1987 (35×50 printable area)
  • Guillotine Nebiolo 72 cm.
  • More than 150 typefaces’ sets in wood and lead
  • Equipment for typography

Studio of Morciano di Romagna


The studio is mainly aimed to work on books, with a focus on typography, even we have a Bendini press, for experimental intaglio prints. Workspaces and lighting are designed to work in the best way: over 10 linear meters of work surfaces, above the typographic chests of drawers and tables on wheels, for special needs, makes a flexible and adaptable space.

In the studio can be used more than 600 typefonts sets in lead and wood collected in more than twenty years.


  • Amos Dell’Orto 1862 typographic press (64×86 printable area)
  • Adana press 1980 5×8 inces
  • More than 600 typefonts sets in lead and wood
  • Equipment for typography
  • Guillotine Josef Anger & Sohne 1895, 104 cm.
  • Bendini etching press 72 x 140
  • Equipment for etching

N.B.: Work at the Opificio della Rosa is carried out with full respect for the environment. Acids are not used for etching and neither solvents nor petroleum derivatives are used for cleaning matrices and equipment. Natural products such as oil, vinegar etc. are available at the studio.