Linocut Workshop: Book of Monsters Inspired by Ulisse Aldrovandi’s ‘Monstrorum Historia’

Linocut Workshop: Book of Monsters
Inspired by Ulisse Aldrovandi’s ‘Monstrorum Historia’

tutor: Nick Morley

16-19 July 2020

in collaborazione con Fabriano paper
in collaborazione con Fabriano paper

In this four day workshop you will make a small series of prints in the format of a small poster, inspired by Ulisse Aldrovandi’s masterpiece ‘Monstrorum Historia’, a bestiary of mythical creatures first published in 1642.
The finished prints will be printed in an edition and collected in a folder that each participant will take home.

During the workshop you will learn how to:
• Carve using a range of tools to make different marks
• Plan your design and transfer it to the block
• Control your carving to produce accurate lines
• Ink up the block properly and print by hand and on the press
• Create an edition of identical prints

The workshop will also cover an introduction to materials and tool sharpening.
We will warm up each morning with a short drawing session around the castle and village of Montefiore. Students will be encouraged to draw inspiration from the local animals and plants to inform their monster designs.

About Ulisse Aldrovandi
Ulisse Aldrovandi (Aldrovandus) (1522-1605) is considered by some to be the founder of modern Natural History. He studied humanities and law at the universities of Padua and Bologna, followed by a degree in medicine and philosophy. In in 1561 he became the first professor of natural sciencesat Bologna University. Arrested for his heretical ideas, he was held in Rome for a year, during which period he developed his interest in the natural world. He began making expeditions around (what it now called) Italy and collected vast numbers of animals, plants and minerals. In 1568 he founded Bologna’s Orto Bonanico (Botanic Garden) which still exists today. Aldrovandi published his Storia Naturale, in a volume of thirteen books, intended as a complete guide to the natural world. In addition he published several other volumes, including his Monstrorum Historia.


Nick Morley is an artist and illustrator who specialises in linocut. He runs Hello Print Studio in Margate and teaches regular workshops around the UK. Nick’s illustrations have appeared on book and magazine covers and his prints are collected internationally. In 2016 his book, Linocut for Artists and Designers, was published by Crowood Press.

  • This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some experience
  • Language: English-Italian
  • 4 day workshop 16-19 July 2020
  • Location: Castle of Montefiore
  • Timetable:  10-13 / 14-17
  • Cost: Euro 250 (concessions: students and under 26, euro 200)
  • Materials and tools necessary for the workshops are included in the cost of the course and will be provided for each participant.

Informazioni generali

  • Participants are advised to bring your own drawing set, and clothing suitable for work in comfort, dirty, etc.
  • Usually at lunch time we eat together. Everyone brings their own food.
  • A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.
  • There is a limit of 10 places per workshop
  • 5 participants are needed for the course to operate
  • If the course has insufficient participants to run, those already enrolled will receive a full refund of the amount they paid at registration.
  • Participants who have registered but find they can no longer attend will be refunded half the registration fee providing they notify us at least 20 days before the course commences.
  • Early registration is recommended in order to secure not only a place on the course but also accommodation in Montefiore.