Torri & Muta for the Fabriano Paper Pavilion is an editorial project, presented in May 2022 at London Craft Week, takes the shape of two books that open the secrets of the Fabriano Paper Pavilion, a site-specific installation created in 2019 for the UNESCO Creative Cities Conference, and explore the salient features of the project: a celebration of the mastery of paper craft and of its artistic developments through the work of Maria Pina Bentivenga and Gianna Bentivenga.

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Torri & Muta is a double publication curated by Umberto Giovannini: a record of the work of artists Maria Pina Bentivenga (Torri) and Gianna Bentivenga (Muta) for the Fabriano Paper Pavilion.
The editorial project Torri & Muta is based on the idea of the artist’s book, in which contents will shape form: the craftsmanship of the work, the use of materials, the papers employed are the result of the internal narrative structure that over two years of preparatory work has suggested experimental approaches, including the choice of papers not normally used in publishing.
Each book has different sections dedicated to the projects and the works, as well as photographic records of the installations created by Ilaria Costanzo and Jacopo Nanni Bartolucci.
The volumes were printed in Italy, in 700 hand-bound numbered copies.

Maria Pina Bentivenga, Torri, Morciano di Romagna, Opificio della Rosa, 2021
110 pages
Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum White 170 g
Fabriano Tiepolo 130 g
Fedrigoni Sirio Color Royal Green 170 g
Fedrigoni Materica Verdigris 120 g

Gianna Bentivenga, Muta, Morciano di Romagna, Opificio della Rosa, 2021
122 pages
Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum White 170 g
Fabriano Tiepolo 130 g
Fedrigoni Materica Terra Rossa 180 g
Fedrigoni Sirio Color Gialloro 110 g
Pergamino argento 52 g


The Fabriano Paper Pavilion began as a temporary installation housed within the heritage site known as Complesso Storico delle Cartiere Miliani. Conceived as a poetic journey into the world of paper and paper mills, the site-specific project was commissioned by the Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano on occasion of the XIII UNESCO Creative Cities Conference held in June 2019 in Fabriano, and is now a permanent exhibition.

Visitors will directly experience the astonishing result of a collaborative project involving a group of artists who envisaged this event and created an impressive body of work on paper, engaging in a deep and sustained dialogue with the historical heritage, the watermarks and shapes, the copper and bronze. Through the quality of their interaction with the diversity of materials, from the impalpable texture of cotton pulp to the heft of bronze, a wonderful exchange was allowed to emerge.
The group of artists elaborated some magical variations on the techniques of watermark, copperplate engraving and drawing, engaging in a reinvention of spaces and movement through shadows and lights:  a poetic journey curated by Umberto Giovannini and embodied thanks to the iconographic structures created by artists Gianna Bentivenga and Maria Pina Bentivenga, as well as the settings and shadow work by Anusc Castiglioni and the lights by Massimo Zanelli.